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See All Your Media Results – Weighted & In Context

Relecom provides marketers with a smart user-friendly measurement system that empowers decision-making. Relecom lets you manage what matters to decrease costs and increase ROI.
By collecting key information from multiple communication channels and then applying Relecom’s unique formula for attribution, Relecom lets users track valuable performance scores and issues rankings and alerts in an easy-to-read dashboard. The result is an instant marketing overview that illuminates the effectiveness of your marketing activities.

Costing Less Than Enterprise Systems

Relecom utilizes digital measurement best practices for ad and system tracking, aggregates data from multiple sources, and provides a standard, real-time view of measurement information.

Our interactive dashboard combines key metrics from historical and current digital campaigns and applications, displaying detailed, user-friendly performance reports that can be shared across departments with controlled user visibility rights.

Actionable Information

Relecom is also designed to be practical for today’s marketplace. Many attribution and/or enterprise systems make a visible dent in the bottom line. But you’ll find that Relecom is both affordable and scalable – responding to your needs for economy and flexibility.

Simple to Use. Easy to Integrate.

Relecom is also smarter than many other bigger systems. Our single-screen displays are designed to show what you need to know, so Relecom is simple to use. And Relecom’s unique coding means it’s easy to integrate into your current system for less downtime and frustration all around.


Relecom provides:

Campaign and Systems Configuration

Customized system set-ups, third-party audits and standard site tagging ensures data quality.

Online Standardized Dashboard Reporting

Aggregates online, digital data across multiple campaigns and vendors for current and historical campaigns.

Media Mix Optimization

A value score index allows marketers to compare marketing channels and vendors for each element in the marketing mix.


work with in-house staff and strategic corporate partners to develop your strategic marketing plan, campaign execution, and digital marketing integration.


Marketing Consulting

Relecom provides a wide range of direct and interactive marketing consulting services and utilizes various resources to provide scalable Standard or Premium solutions, depending upon our client’s individual needs.

-Campaign Development
-Direct Marketing
-Interactive Marketing
-Integrated Communications
-Sales Force Automation

Campaign Development – We believe in listening to our customers and tailoring campaigns to meet their identified objectives. By listening to our clients, their customers and their customer facing employees we are able to strategically design and execute campaigns that produce results.

We take pride in integrating traditional marketing processes with new technological resources to produce custom campaigns for new or existing products or services.

Direct Marketing – The foundation of direct marketing is customer information. We work to define a solid target market and deliver relevant communications that drive desired behavior.

Through strategic database analysis we can identify and segment customers based on profile data in order to produce custom messages that are targeted to individuals.

Communication messages are crafted to support identified business objectives and to strengthen customer relationships.

Interactive Marketing – In today’s fast paced world we are constantly bombarded with communication messages. In order to establish customer loyalty and achieve high retention rates we must continually strive to develop an engaged relationship with our customers.

We build on-going relationships through continual relevant communications based on customer dialogue to deliver needs based communications. This provides optimal customer experience.

We develop custom solutions to meet your business objectives and nurture customer experience as well as work with internal databases, customer relationship management software and content management systems.

Integrated Communications – Instead of continually developing new communication pieces for every campaign, program, division or application we archive and integrate communication pieces in order to receive residual value from your resources.

This allows for the dissemination of shared learning establishing the most effective marketing practices and models.

This reduces creative cost and allows you to spend more money on treating additional customers and developing additional targeted communications.

By effectively integrating marketing initiated communications with customer initiated communications we are able to support marketing objectives and deliver relevant communications that address the unique need of the customer.

Successfully orchestrating marketing resources, initiatives and tools to provide an efficient marketing process produces synergy between communications and is an effective way to provide consistent messaging across all channels and customer interactions.

Key Benefits:
• Optimize your marketing efforts
• Strengthen sales
• Reduce corrupted selling time
• Increase effectiveness
• Improve customer relationships

Sales Force Automation Integration – We believe in establishing efficiencies and on-going communication between Marketing and Sales. By establishing alignment between these two important divisions, you are able to provide a solid customer experience that is greater than the impact of either division by itself. We provide tools to empower customer-facing employees with custom marketing materials.

We offer a wide range of services from standard internet-based applications to custom integration with existing internal systems. By evaluating your needs, resources and goals we can offer multiple solutions.

Our solutions are scalable to fit your evolving business needs and can be customized to fit the needs of multiple user groups. These processes provide integrated communications between Marketing and Sales to support identified initiatives and provide the customer with timely and relevant communications.

Key Benefits:
• Increase selling time by automating the communication process
• Provide real-time relevant communications
• Personalized communications are sent directly to the customer
• Communication contact is recorded for account history and measurement
• Provides management visibility into communication activity
• Enables sales the tools to develop territory specific custom campaigns
• Empower users with pre-defined Consistent Communications
• Significantly reduce waste and cost
• Increase your speed to Market










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