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Cut Analytic Costs and Improve Client Outcomes

Relecom lets you spend less on analysis, while delivering smarter media decisions for each client.

Effective decision-making has always been crucial for success. But today, Account Executives are drowning in a sea of confusing digital data. Now Relecom provides a smart, user-friendly measurement system that empowers decision-making. Relecom lets you manage what matters to decrease costs and increase ROI for each of your clients.

By collecting key information from across multiple communication channels, Relecom displays valuable performance scores, rankings and alerts in an easy-to-read dashboard¬so AE’s can instantly see and understand the effectiveness of their clients’ marketing activities.

Now Decisions that used to take days or weeks can be accomplished in under an hour

Relecom helps agencies to outperform the market by providing contextual visibility along with alerts and notifications. We strongly believe that honest dialogue, valuable reports, fast decisions, and a mutual understanding of strengths will help agencies elevate their client/agency relationships the partner level.

Of course you already know that advertisers are craving more accountability. In fact, this is the top challenge facing the market according to IBM’s 2011 State of Marketing survey. A whopping 53% of marketers said they have an issue attributing success to marketing and/or indvidual marketing channels.

But, the solution is an affordable marketing measurement system that brings together the data from each client’s digital campaigns, consolidates this information and presents it in a form that is simple, understandable and actionable.

The solution is Relecom.



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